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STACWeb manages complex functions and tracks cases from the first date to the case closure. It generates and stores any and all documents using the leading word processors available. STACWeb tracks a case's history with all the key dates in a case as well as all the parties related to a case.

Main Features

Case Search

Case search by case number, clerk number, agency report number, booking number, offense date, arrest date, statute number, or any party related to a case. (defendant, agency, business, victim, witness, judge, attorney, etc.)

Multiple Defendant

Handles both single defendant and multiple defendant cases


Document generation including Information, subpoenas, notices, and orders. Documents generated can be stored in a central location for easy retrieval

Enhanced Sentencing

Tracks all recommendations of enhanced sentencing (arresting agency, state attorney, and judges)

Generates Jury Instructions

Case history

History of case movement through judges, attorneys and divisions


Reports for criminal history, case information and managerial information

Charge History

History of charges filed, re-filed, up-filed, down-filed, amended, and their respective dispositions

Image Module

Imaging module allows storing pictures, copies of all documents, etc.

Bar coding capability

Deposition Module

Deposition Module has the ability to schedule depositions and calculate the court reporter deposition's costs. Includes a deposition calendar

State Reports

Automatically generates state required performance reports

Productivity and Case Management Tools

  • STAC allows secretaries and data entry clerks to handle repetitive tasks, such as adding, filing, consolidating, disposing, sentencing, and reopening a case with standardized wizards. The wizards can be customized to automatically retrieve repetitive information, streamlining the data entry process. In addition, these wizards are able to capture information furnished by the Sheriff’s or the Clerk’s system, facilitating even further the data entry processes.
  • Batch processing for many common functions improves the workflow and gets more done in less time (closeouts, generating documents, subpoenas, letters, adding events, relationships, and notes can be done to multiple cases simultaneously).
  • The ad hoc query function allows users to search for virtually any information inside the database. The results can be printed for reference or displayed on the screen.
  • Attorneys, judges, investigators, and paralegals can be automatically related to a case based on division assignment or by rotation.
  • Directory relationship feature simplifies the data entry process for commonly used records (for example, there’s no need to re-type the address and other common information for law enforcement agencies personnel or attorneys who are connected to other directory records).
  • Provides a complete history of defendant, victim and witness addresses and a/k/a’s.
  • Historical address information for individuals enables speedy reissue of subpoenas and resolution of questions related to bad addresses or witnesses who are difficult to locate for service.
  • Digital/Electronic Signatures reduce the need for attorneys and secretaries to sign every standard letter that goes out. Signatures can be merged into documents.
  • One stop witness management - notes, subpoena service, and other entries are summarized by the case for ease in contacting important parties for court appearances when working with large caseloads.
  • Notes feature allows unlimited entry of text notes that can be individually connected to parties on the case. When the case is coming up for trial a summary document can be created at the touch of a button to retrieve the contact history for each individual.
  • File storage and retrieval processes can be consolidated into the STAC system so that you will quickly and easily be able to pinpoint the storage location of any case file.
  • System tracks diversion or sentencing details down to the program level, with the ability to easily add new programs and sentencing options.
  • Breaks out sentencing enhancements by those requested and those actually sentenced, enabling more accurate reporting to the legislature on the effectiveness and utility of these laws.
  • The Worthless Check module tracks the victim, the state fee, restitution of payments, and generates receipts.

IT Management Tools

Charges, Events & Documents - All facets of STAC workflow are fully customizable to allow for different workflow procedures and inevitable variations in processes from different circuits.

Directory Compression feature eliminates a common problem. Cleanup of duplicate directory entries can be done quickly and easily without losing the history for the individual or the business.

There are many levels of customized security access, which can be granted by individual users or by groups (for example, security can be set by case type, screen, directory type or event type). All security is set up based on the configuration of your organization rather than predetermined by another model that does not suit your agency.

All the key fields in the system can be configured according to the agency’s needs. (parties related to a case, disposition codes, sentence codes, etc.)